BlokDust is Live!

Hello, we’re three friends who, for the last couple of years, used any free time we had to build something interactive and musical. Today we’re proud to announce the first release of BlokDust.

BlokDust is a web-based music making app. By joining blocks together, you can build synthesizers, put effects on your voice, remix & manipulate samples and arrange self-playing musical environments. We made BlokDust completely free and open source, which means the code is available on github to learn from, fork and contribute towards.

You can share what you make and if you want, you can expand on other people’s creations. You can also contribute by tagging your tracks in SoundCloud with #blokdust so that your music is available for people to play with in the app.

We’ve worked hard, we’ve learnt a lot and we’re excited to finally show you what we’ve been doing, enjoy!

Last updated: 25/08/2016

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What is BlokDust?

BlokDust is a free to use web-based music making app. Build sounds or instruments and share your creations.

What is this?

This site serves as a wiki/user companion to, as well as a hub for tutorials and other related features.


Chrome browser recommended, desktop or tablet and an internet connection. If you have one, use a MIDI key controller for the best experience!