Blocks in the Power category are used to power Source blocks, build autonomous mechanisms or set up chain reactions and/or sequences.

The concept of power in BlokDust allows for more inventive creations, particularly in the area of self-playing environments. At it’s simplest, a standard Power block can be used to continuously power a Source block (or any number of Source blocks connected to it).

While the Power block, Toggle Power and Pulse Power will directly power Source blocks connected to them, the Particle Emitter and Laser blocks must themselves be powered, and transfer that power over distance.

One very basic example of an autonomous mechanism, is to connect a Power block to a Particle Emitter which is aimed at a Tone block (or any other type of Source block).

The most simple sequence can be achieved by connecting a Power block to a Laser, setting the Laser’s ‘rotate’ option, and placing several Source blocks within range of the Laser’s beam. As the laser beam rotates it will play a repeating pattern.

Combining these mechanics, firing particles at Laser blocks, laser beams at Particle Emitters, or firing either at Toggle/Pulse blocks, starts to open up potential for new combinations and chain reactions.

BlokDust’s power concept was in part inspired by the ‘Redstone’ aspect of the video game Minecraft. Future plans for the power concept involve additional Logic Gate style blocks, and potentially the possibility to modulate certain properties of Laser and Particle Emitter blocks.

Last updated: 05/08/2016


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