Blocks are the fundamental components of BlokDust from which everything is made.

Blocks can be created by dragging & dropping from the top menu, and come in four categories: Source, Effects, Power & Interaction.

They will connect with other suitable blocks automatically when in close proximity, which is indicated with connection lines drawn between the blocks.

Source blocks create a source of sound, ( a sample, an oscillator, or a microphone input etc) and can have effect blocks connected to them which will in some way alter that sound.

To start creating sound, a Source block must either be powered with a connected Power block, or controlled with a connected Interaction block.

Each block has it’s own settings. Single-clicking on a block will open it’s options panel where various effect parameters can be changed or played.

Last updated: 25/08/2016


What is BlokDust?

BlokDust is a free to use web-based music making app. Build sounds or instruments and share your creations.

What is this?

This site serves as a wiki/user companion to, as well as a hub for tutorials and other related features.


Chrome browser recommended, desktop or tablet and an internet connection. If you have one, use a MIDI key controller for the best experience!