Pulse Power

When powered, it creates a short pulse of power which is relayed to connected Source blocks, Particle Emitters and Lasers, triggering them.

Pulse Power is a Power category block. When powered, it creates a pulse of power which it relays onto any connected Source blocks, Particle Emitters or Laser blocks, triggering their audio (in the case of Source blocks) or causing them to momentarily emit particles or laser beams (in the case of Particle Emitters & Laser).

It becomes powered when it comes into contact with any particles fired from Particle Emitters, or any laser beams fired from Laser Blocks. It can also be powered manually.

It’s options panel, ‘pulse length’ sets the time that a pulse lasts,  and ‘pulse on’ will trigger a pulse to manually power the block for a moment.

Blocks in the Power category can be combined to create interesting reactions, and self-playing environments. Read more on this subject on the Power page.

Last updated: 05/08/2016


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