Source blocks are the starting point for sound creation in BlokDust. They take the form of samples, synth oscillators, or other inputs such as your computer’s microphone.

The current Source blocks are: Tone, Noise, Microphone, Sample, Granular, Recorder and SampleGen.

Source blocks create sound when pressed, when connected to a Power block or active Switch block, when connected to an Interaction block (eg being controlled by the Computer Keyboard) or when hit by particles fired from a powered Particle Emitter block, or a laser beam from a powered Laser block. Source blocks can be connected to Effect blocks to create a huge range of sounds.

The Tone block is the most basic and allows for real synthesis in the browser, while the Microphone block not only lets you use your computer’s inbuilt microphone as a source (allowing you to add effects to your voice etc), but by using it in conjunction with an audio interface, any instrument can be plugged into BlokDust.

Sample and Granular blocks both allow for SoundCloud integration, massively broadening the possibilities for variety in sound creation & manipulation.

SampleGen opens up further variety and originality by procedurally generating an original sample at the push of a button.

Last updated: 25/08/2016


What is BlokDust?

BlokDust is a free to use web-based music making app. Build sounds or instruments and share your creations.

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