Captures a recording of the master output, and then can play back that sample as an audio source.

Recorder is a Source block. It works as a sample player which allows you to record a sample from the master output of BlokDust, capturing the sound from any other blocks, inputs & interactions. It can also download recordings from BlokDust.

Recorder blocks connected to Power blocks are effective for loops, while connecting the Recorder block to a controller makes an effective sample keyboard.

In the Recorder’s options, ‘Recording’ gives you a graphic of the waveform, and lets you drag locators for the Start, End and Loop Start & Loop End. The ‘Reverse’ switch will switch the direction the track plays, and ‘Loop’ will toggle between wether the sample just plays through once, or continues looping between the Loop Start & Loop End locators. ‘Playback’ sets the speed/pitch of the sample, and the ‘Download Recording’ button lets you save the .wav to your computer.

Last updated: 13/04/2016


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