Fires a laser beam which will power Source blocks while it passes through them, triggering sounds. The beam will also switch Toggle Power blocks, and power other Laser blocks.

Laser is a Power category block. When powered (via a Power block, Toggle Power, Particle or another Laser beam), The Laser will fire an instant laser beam across the screen. When this beam passes through a Source block, the Source block becomes powered, triggering it’s sound.

A laser beam passing though a Toggle Power block will switch the Toggle Power between on & off. A beam passing through a Pulse Power block will cause the Pulse to relay a burst of it’s power to any connections it has. A beam passing through another Laser block will again power that block, causing it to in-turn fire it’s own laser beam. Laser beams pass through Effect blocks with no results. Laser beams cannot pass through a Void block, the beam is cut short.

In the Laser’s options, ‘Angle’ sets the static direction which the beam fires in. ‘Rotate’ sets a speed that the beam angle automatically rotates with, either clockwise or anti-clockwise. ‘Range’ sets the length of the beam before it cuts off.

Blocks in the Power category can be combined to create interesting reactions, and self-playing environments. Read more on this subject on the Power page.

Last updated: 05/08/2016


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