Particle Emitter

Fires a stream of particles which will momentarily power Source blocks when they collide with them, triggering sounds. The particles will also switch Toggle Power blocks, and power Laser blocks.

Particle Emitter is a Power category block. When powered (via a Power block, Toggle Power, or Laser beam), The Particle Emitter will start emitting a stream of particles which travel across the screen. When these particles collide with a Source block, the Source block becomes momentarily powered, triggering it’s sound, and the particle is destroyed.

A particle colliding with a Toggle Power block will switch the Toggle Power between on & off. A particle colliding with a Pulse Power block will briefly power that block, which will relay that power to any connections it has. A particle colliding with a Laser block will again briefly power that block, causing it to fire it’s laser beam for a moment. Particles pass over Effect blocks, and are destroyed if they collide with a Void block.

In the Particle Emitter’s options, ‘Angle’ sets the direction which the particles fire in. ‘Fire Rate’ sets the frequency that the emitter fires, with higher rates firing particles more frequently. ‘P.Speed’ sets the speed that the particles themselves travel, and ‘Range’ sets the distance that the particles travel before they self-destruct.

Blocks in the Power category can be combined to create interesting reactions, and self-playing environments. Read more on this subject on the Power page.

Last updated: 05/08/2016


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