Generates a musical tone. The Tone block is an oscillator which creates a waveform used as the basis of most synths.

Tone is a Source block. It’s one of the most commonly used blocks in BlokDust, and is one of the simplest starting points for creating synths. It creates a continuous sound by producing an oscillating signal, resulting in a waveform. The frequency of this oscillation/wave determines the pitch you hear.

Like other Source blocks it can be triggered using a controller from the Interaction category to make playable keyboards, or triggered via Power, and connected to Effects to create a huge range of sounds.

In Tone’s options, ‘Note’ sets the base pitch of the tone. The display shows the pitch in Scientific Pitch Notation, that is the note name, followed by the octave. “C4” is middle-C. If controlling the Tone via a controller, the Note setting can be treated as a Transpose. ‘Fine’ sets the fine tuning, it alters the pitch microtonally between -1 & +1 semitones.

The ‘Wave’ option sets the waveform of the oscillator. Sine creates the least aggressive sound, sounding smooth/ pure with no harmonics. Square creates a more aggressive tone, sounding more intense and present. Triangle sounds softer than a square wave, but has more harmonic content than the Sine. Sawtooth sounds the most aggressive, with more harmonics and a buzz-like quality.

Last updated: 13/04/2016


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