Simulates the reverberation of a physical or virtual space, using an audio sample.

Convolution is a post-effect. In audio signal processing, convolution reverb is a process used for digitally simulating the reverberation of a space based on a pre-recorded audio sample or impulse response.

In the options, ‘Sample’ lets you open the SoundCloud search page, and select a track from SoundCloud to use as an impulse response. This is then convolved with the incoming audio. The process of convolution multiplies each sample incoming audio with the samples in the impulse response file. This can produce some interesting and sometimes unexpected reverbs.

The SoundCloud search panel will return tracks which have a duration shorter than 12 seconds, and which either have a license other than “All Rights Reserved”, or are tagged “blokdust”.

Our default impulse response has been captured from the listening tower at the former NSA compound, Teufelsberg, Berlin and recorded by Balance Mastering. A selection of additional impulse responses exist on the BlokDust SoundCloud account.

Last updated: 13/04/2016


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