A noise generator with ‘White’, ‘Brown’ and ‘Pink’ waveform types. Can be used to simulate natural sounds like wind and rain, or even percussive sounds using envelopes and filters.

Noise is a Source block. It creates a ‘hiss’ type sound which is generated by lots of random frequencies playing in quick succession.

In it’s options, ‘Wave’ lets you select the noise waveform type. White sounds the most aggressive, it has equal energy per frequency. Pink, sounds less aggressive, it has equal energy per octave. Brown by comparison sounds “warmer”. It has a higher intensity at lower frequencies.

When even the most clear sounding instrument plays a note, there is noise (consisting of impurities). A great way to enhance your synths in Blokdust is by using noise blocks side-by-side with Tone blocks.

Noise blocks are also a good basis for making percussive sounds. To make a drum, connect an Envelope and set the attack to something low. You can then connect a Filter or an EQ to further shape the sound.

Last updated: 13/04/2016


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